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User in Game FAQ's

I’m waiting for my invite, but not getting one.

First, check if you have any new game or party invites on your console or PC (if it’s a cross-platform game like Warzone or Fortnite, check your in-game invites). If there are no invites, double check the event start date and time on the Kleos app, and that you entered your correct gamertag at checkout. If that doesn’t work, check the event’s live stream to see if the game prior to yours is running a few minutes behind. Next, send your celebrity partner a message through the in-app pre-game chat functionality to sort through the delay. Please allow up to fifteen minutes of cushion for your event to start after the agreed upon start time.

I can’t hear my celebrity partner.

Check that your microphone is plugged into your controller, and in game settings, make sure that voice chat is enabled in your game, and that voice chat output is set to come through your headset rather than the TV. Lastly, if a cross-platform game like Warzone or Fortnite, make sure it’s set to “game chat” rather than “party chat” and that you are not in a console party. If you’re still having issues, try reaching out via the in-app pre-game chat to see if it’s something on your celebrity partner’s end.

Something happened with the internet and our connection dropped.

Shoot. Let us know through the post-game survey or at and we’ll see what we can do.

I think there’s been a breach of the Code of Conduct.

Please let us know through the comments section of the post game survey or at We want to make sure Kleos is a healthy and safe community for all talent and users.

I’m running late and not going to make my session.

Sorry to hear that. If the event hasn’t started, you can pull out. If the event has started, you can give your celebrity partner a heads up that you won’t be able to make it via the pre-game chat functionality so they know not to expect you. If you are more than 5 minutes late to your event you will forfiet your spot and not recieve a refund.

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