Kleos pays celebrities like yourself to connect with fans via video games. There are no requirements whatsoever, and you keep 75% of the “sticker price” of your game and stream the whole thing on your choice of streaming platform, seamlessly creating content you can use to grow your brand.

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Now's a perfect time to join, as we're offering a limited time activation bonus of up to $1000 for new talent


Here's what you need to do

Just sign up, play at least five games in your first month on the platform, and post a video announcing your participation on your social media and you'll qualify for the promotion.


Here's how it works

If you meet the promotion terms and conditions outlined above, you'll get a lump sum payment of up to $1000 after your first month, equivalent to 25% of everything you've made on the platform in that month.


It's that easy!

Just apply via the form above, and we'll be in touch to get you started making money just by gaming with fans on Kleos Live. 

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Join Chase Winovich, WhoIsFatMatt, Abhi the Nomad, Joel McHale, and 100+ other athletes, artists, entertainers, and streamers that are getting paid to game with fans on Kleos Live.


Frequently asked questions

What is Kleos Live?

Kleos Live is a mobile application that pays celebs like yourself to play video games with fans! You can post events for purchase, or fans can directly challenge you to play with them. You’ll also stream all these games, which grows your audience and creates a totally different way for your fans to engage with you.

Am I a good fit for Kleos?

Almost certainly. We have athletes from all of the major US sports leagues, entertainers, musicians, and streamers as well. Whatever the source and size of your following, we encourage you to submit an application -- it won’t take more than three minutes!

What do I need to play on Kleos?

Requirements vary by game, but in general you’ll need to have the particular game downloaded, a functional gaming headset, and a console or gaming PC.

How much do I get paid?

You set the “sticker price” for your sessions and the going rate to challenge you. We’ll provide you with guidance as to what talent of similar levels of fame are charging, but the end decision is your call. Whatever this rate is that you decide on, you get 75% of it.

How do I get paid?

You can withdraw from your balance at anytime on the finances screen. Payouts are available through Paypal and/or check. Having toruble cashing out? Reach out to us at

What if I need to cancel or reschedule my event?

If your event is unfilled, or filled and there are more than twelve hours before it’s scheduled start time, there’s no problem at all! You can cancel or reschedule with no penalty whatsoever. However, if your event is already filled up and it’s within a twelve hour window before the scheduled start time, we strongly discourage your cancellation of games. If this happens repeatedly, we may be forced to suspend or terminate your account.

What if I’m running late?

We strongly encourage our talent to arrive on time to each and every game; simply put, it makes for a far better experience for your fan. That being said, we allow for minor personal delays as well as situations in which technical issues arise, and hence there is a 15 minute grace period after the scheduled start time for Talent to send their game invitation. However, if tardiness becomes a common occurrence, we may have to issue warnings or even suspend your account.

Can I promote products, brands or upcoming projects during my Kleos livestreams?

In a word, absolutely! We want Kleos to make your life easier, and if you have brand, sponsorship, or project-based commitments, get in touch with us and we’d be more than happy to find ways for you to kill two birds with one stone.

Nobody is signing up to play with me. Can Kleos help?

Yes definitely. There are certain “best practices” for getting your games consistently filled and we’d be more than happy to have a Talent Services representative get in touch with you to brainstorm ways to make Kleos work for you.

Can Kleos help get me going with live streaming?

We can! If you’ve never streamed yourself gaming before, it really couldn’t be simpler. We’ll send you a webcam if you need one, and walk you through creating an account on Twitch (or, alternatively you can use an existing Facebook Live or Youtube Gaming account). The whole process takes less than ten minutes.