Faze Clan going public in a deal valued at $1 Billion USD

A Faze billboard popped up Time Square the morning of Tuesday (10/26) promoting the organizations upcoming Nasdaq listing.

For those who don't have internet access in the rock they're living under, Faze Clan which "started out as internet kids armed with cameras and a diehard love for video games" in 20120 has since grown to one of the worlds largest esports entertainment organizations. Membership ranges from Massachusetts born OG's who made a name for themselves gaming online like Temper and Banks to athletes such as Kyler Murray and Lebron James Jr. in addition to rappers Lil Yatchy AKA "FaZe Boat" and Offset aka "FaZe Offset."

The group seems to be rapidly growing on a daily basis, consistently adding top streamers. Thus, their latest move to merge with B. Riley Principal 150 Merger Corp in the $1 Billion SPAC deal hardly comes as a surprise. The One billion dollar valuation includes $275 Million in cash on the companies balance sheet. So, once public look for Faze to ramp up their roster expansion even further in addition to acquiring both hardware and software companies.

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