Simulator Screen Shot - iPhone 12 Pro Ma
Simulator Screen Shot - iPhone 12 Pro Ma
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Frequently asked questions

What is Kleos Live?

Kleos Live is a mobile application that lets you play video games with your celebrity idols. You’ll connect with your celebrity partner in your favorite online games, chat with them over the headset, and the games will be streamed live so you can watch the gameplay during and/or after it happens.

How do I sign up?

Kleos is available on the App Store here, and Google Play Will be released shortly.

What do I need to play on Kleos?

Requirements vary by game, but in general you’ll need to have the particular game downloaded, a functional gaming headset, and the correct console (for non cross-platform games).

What games can I play on Kleos?

Users can play tons of their favorite multiplayer games through Kleos Live. Join us for a session of anything from Fifa to Fortnite.

What kinds of talent will be available on Kleos Live?

We have everything from athletes, to artists, to entertainers, to professional gamers! Whatever your interests, we have someone for you.

How do I find a celeb to play with?

Talent can either post events, which you can purchase, OR you can directly challenge a celeb to play with you at a time that works for your schedule. If your challenge is accepted, you'll have a date and time locked in with the celeb you challeenged.

What if I’m not a serious gamer?

No worries at all! Our talent come from a broad range of gaming backgrounds, and are willing to play with fans of any skill level.

How much does the app cost?

It’s totally free! You can download the app, browse open games, and watch your favorite celebrities stream themselves playing video games at no cost to you. When you find a game you want to purchase, you can do so in-app, and prices depend on the celebrity, the game, and time.

What types of payment can I use on Kleos?

You can purchase events with Apple Pay or via a standard cart checkout inputting your credit/debit information.

Are there rules about what I can discuss with my celebrity partner while we play our game?

We want you and your celebrity partner to have an awesome conversation and engage in regular gaming banter. There are just a few off-limits topics, including hateful speech, illegal activity, invasive personal questions, and solicitations of offline arrangements. A more detailed list of do’s and don'ts can be found in our Code of Conduct.

Can I stream the game through my own accounts on places like Twitch, YouTube, or Facebook

Sure! We want you to enjoy the experience however you want and if that means broadcasting the game to your own friends/followers on a personal streaming account, by all means go ahead!


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